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MIKRONSŪ Portable Mixers And Air Operated Mixers

Mikrons offers a wide range of Electric And Pneumatic Handheld Portable Mixers which can mix From low-viscosity materials to prefab mortar. Mikrons has a portable mixer to do the mixing job quickly and in areas where normal mixers cannot be used they have been designed for high reliability, with the power to provide optimum blending of construction
materials on the job site.

Mikrons Portable Mixers can be used by painters, tilers and contractors for mixing paint, glue, tile cement, drywall mud plaster, mortar, finish plaster, latex, mortar, epoxy, leveling compounds, resins and flooring compounds, insulation, fiber-filled cements, ceramics, granulates, pastes and putties and other materials in small or large batches.

Mikrons Portable mixers are equipped with High-torque Motors with Specially Designed Gears that provides maximum power, egronomically designed handles with or without foot paddle support.