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Welcome to MIKRON

MIKRONS® ENGINEERING GROUP, comprising of Micromeritics Engineers Private Limited and Microparticle Engineers Private Limited, was incorporated in 1985 by a team of young technocrats, whose vision was to engineer an era of trouble-free, micron level precision grinding of particles to cater to a host of applications in the Engineering Industry. And today, the Company stands tall in its field with its vision realized and furthered through its constant strife to achieve and maintain excellent levels of quality in its products.

MIKRONS® is a Original Equipment Manufacturer of machineries such as Attritor, Basket mill, Bead mill, Pug mixer, Pre-mixer , HSD, Triple roll mill , sigma mixer etc for the paint, ink, chemical, confectionery, cosmetics, latex, rubber, Pharma, food , ferrite, mineral industries for the past 22 years.

MIKRONS® manufactures machineries used for dry mixing, wet mixing , milling and blending applications.

MIKRONS® product range
Our products are the outcome of an extensive research and sophisticated manufacturing technique. Each level of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure each of our products are innovative and at par with the international norms of quality.

With the clients need in mind the Group manufactures a range of machinery under the brand name Mikrons, for multifarious engineering disciplines. These machines are used in the manufacture and microsizing of Paints, Printing Inks, Chemicals, Rare Earths, Minerals, Pigments, Cosmetics, Soap and Confectionery ingredients to name a few. The range consists of Attritor, Mixers, Blenders, Pelletiser and a variety of Mills that include the Ball Mill, Jar Mill, Roll Mill and the Agitator Mill.

Grinding to size
The principal function of the MIKRONS® range of machinery is to cut and grind the particles of industrial to the desired micron level, thus making them ideal for their application. By achieving an excellent micron consistency, these machines provide the perfect solutions to such industrial needs. Manufacturing strengths

MIKRONS® Manufacturing strengths
From small beginnings in 1985, the group today, owns 45,000-sq. ft. of premises housing adequate infrastructure in 15,000-sq. ft. of floor space, to manufacture, test and ship out high quality machines. The well-trained factory personnel maintain a high level of production, while exercising safety and precaution. Apart from the standard range of machines, Mikrons caters to the customize needs of a buyer and manufactures machines, tailor-made to suit his needs.

MIKRONS® expertise
The core team of professionals at the helm utilizes its vast experience and expertise in ensuring that only the very best of design and production of the MIKRONS® range of machines reach the client. The team's vast experience and the resultant expertise stands the company in good stead. The group believes that the job does not end with manufacture and supply of machinery…. which is why, it provides excellent technical support by way of extensive technical literature and application notes to ensure that the client feels at home with the MIKRONS® machinery that he has opted for.

Happy Clientele
With the design support and prompt post-sales service response, MIKRONS® has won the confidence of numerous clients in India and abroad, including same of the most reported names in the Engineering Industry.

Reaching out Globally
Today's world is a fast-paced scenario with changes sweeping across countries in the economic and industrial fronts. As India falls in line to accept these changes towards a better economy, the Group senses the need to adhere to these new yardsticks of the Industry and has hence successfully reached out to global clients in countries like China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and South Korea.