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MIKRONS® Laboratory Disperser

MIKRONS has a complete line of laboratory size models for testing and small batch production. In addition to small pilot units, MIKRONS also stocks several large production machines ranging in size from 1 litres 10,000 litres. Please contact our technical sales staff to learn more about sending in some of your product for evaluation and testing. MIKRONS staffs are trained in solving industry mixing and production challenges.

• Ideal for producing small batches from 0.5 litres to 50 liters
• Heavy shear disperser, slow speed mixer, rotor stator mixer, & batch bead milling
• Infinitely variable speed control
• Heavy duty motor provides constant rpm & constant torque
• General purpose electrical controls standard
• Explosion proof motors & controls available
• Digital gauges to monitor RPM, amperage, power, temperature, time.
• PLC package to interlock with computer systems
• Various mixing & dispersing blades available to meet process requirements
• Standard mixing head will raise and lower • Head locking system standard
• Adjustable vessel clamping system
• Stainless steel construction