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MIKRONSŪ Multi Shaft High Speed Disperser

MIKRONS® Dual-Range can be employed to work on high pigment concentrations which gives rise to finer and faster dispersions eliminating conventional milling on many products. One motor and variable speed drive powers both shafts. The disperser blade is a disc impeller available in stainless steel. The heavy-duty impeller is a 3 blade open impeller. This machine is equipped with an adjustable vessel holder that holds the vessel in position during mixing. Vacuum designs are also available. These machines will increase productivity and versatility of high viscosity batch processing. They are suitable for mixing and dispersing materials with high viscosity in excess of 100,000 cps that tend to stick to the wall of the mixing vessel. The high speed blade will disperse the materials at a tip speed of 5200 feet per minute, while the large open type impeller, rotating in the range of 300 to 1300 feet per minute, will keep the high viscous materials flowing. This system produces swift dispersions in applications from paste inks to coatings, plastisols, adhesives, caulking compounds, and specialty chemicals.

Disperser-Homogenizer: No matter how viscous or resistant the mix materials are, our customers are assured to get a smooth and homogenous product in the minimal time with high thermal efficiency. Ideal for use in the chemical, plastics, paint, rubber, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Three stages of Operation: A broad choice of impellers on three different shafts handles viscosities greater than one million centipoise. A typical combination includes a low-speed MIKRONS® impeller, an efficient MIKRONS® auger blade, and a high-speed MIKRONS® impeller-disc, or a MIKRONS® rotor/stator.
1. Mixer: a slow speed open impeller with three risers starts the batch moving and continually forces it into the thinner high speed blades. Risers usually have scrapers to clean the tank walls increase heating and cooling efficiently.
2. Dispersion - a high-speed disc with sharp teeth breaks up agglomerates or masses when they hit the disc or each other in the intense zone of attrition.
3. Homogenizing - a high-speed rotor-stator further separates the batch into smaller droplets of mutually incompatible material and forces them into a mixture.

Efficient & Versatile - The impellers are lowered and raised hydraulically. For convenience in discharging the product, the entire mixing chamber can be elevated hydraulically. A hydraulic power supply and controls for operating the lift are located in a separate chamber. Chamber capacity, motor horsepower, shaft speeds, impeller combinations, and construction materials can be selected to meet customer application.